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Sleek, Shiny and Smart Appliances: An Appliance Blog

Make Your Booth Look Extra Special With LED Lights at Your Next Bridal Expo

by Judy Pearson

Whether you are a baker, a photographer or a candlestick maker, a bridal expo can be a great way to meet brides and grooms-to-be and do a bit of face-to-face marketing. However, if you have never done a show before, you may be wondering how you should decorate your booth. Don't have any money to spend on a professional display? Then, consider investing in strands of LED lights and using them in the following ways.

1. Outline your table

Most show producers provide their exhibitors with pipe and drape as well as a table with a chair. Do not sit behind the table -- it puts a barrier between your and your potential clients. Instead, push the table to the back of the booth, and attach a string of LED lights around the perimeter of it. Then, stand in the middle of the booth, greet potential clients as they come in, and show them your display.

This arrangement along with the lights draws focus to the table, and whether your display is a cake, a series of albums with samples of your photography or anything else, the light frames your display in a fun way.

2. String them above your booth.

Alternatively or in addition to LED lights on your table, consider hanging them over the top of your booth. You can stretch lights from one wall of the booth to the opposite. Ideally, the lights should swoop through the top of your booth, and when clients come in, they should be able to look up and see, magical, sparkly LED lights.

You can use simple strands of lights, or you can use LED lights encased in plastic lanterns in fun shapes such as wedding bells. This creates a vibe in your booth that puts brides in the mood to plan their weddings.

3. Make a rainfall pattern down the drape.

The drape is the fabric that hangs from the piping in your booth, giving you privacy from the vendor next to you. If the piping isn't high enough for you to hang LED lights overhead in your booth, consider hanging strands of LED lights from the piping so that they run down the drape.

This lights up your booth and makes it more visually appealing to expo attendees as they walk through the show, and it creates a cool effect that looks like a waterfall of lights against the drape. Talk with the show producer to see what colour the drape is, and then, choose lights in a contrasting colour. Use white lights with black drape, pink or orange lights with blue drape, bright red or blue lights with cream drape, or any other colour combination that will pop.

You can purchase LED lights from a supplier like Creative Lighting Solutions Aust Pty Ltd.